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Unique Ways to Exercise Your Pup


Has your dog been indulging in all of that homemade dog treat icing you have been making lately?

We all love spoiling our pups, but we have to be mindful of their weight. When eating too many treats, your pup could be putting on some extra pounds, which is very unhealthy for your dog.

That doesn’t mean you have to stop giving them treats! Just make sure you are limiting the number of treats and also finding ways to exercise your pup.

Dog Park

The dog park might not be that unique of a way to exercise your dog. But there are different things you can do at the dog park!

Yes, most dogs love to chase balls, so make sure you are playing fetch with them often.

Or, you can upgrade to frisbees. This is especially fun for dogs who are not used to frisbees but want a change from the tennis balls.

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Run Buddy Mobile

Run Buddy Mobile is a company in Phoenix, Arizona that will work out your dog for you!

This really is a perfect option for people who are really busy and feel bad not being able to walk their pup. Or for the summer months when it is too hot to walk your dog any time of day.

Run Buddy Mobile offers a solution. They bring a vehicle to you equipped with treadmills. This way, your dog can run or walk on a treadmill in an air-conditioned unit!

Make sure to check out their Instagram page for some of the best videos.

Laser Pointers

No, laser pointers aren’t just for cats!

Some dogs actually LOVE chasing laser pointers and it ends being a great work out for the pups. Plus, this can be done in your home. Especially if you have stairs, this is a terrific exercise for any size dog!

Remember, you can still spoil your pup with treats, just be mindful and make sure they are getting their exercise.


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