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Digging Things Up: Emotionally & Physically

We all know that in a pandemic-ridden world, staying at home is the new going out. But if you’re hanging out on your own, you’ll find that you can only watch so many TV shows and movies. At some point, you are bound to start digging, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Digging down deep can harvest lots of feelings, fruits, and maybe new sources of creativity. If you’re ready to get to digging, or to plant seeds before autumn harvest, here’s a guide to do just that.

Emotional digging: online therapy

Check with your insurance providers, but many mental health workers have been able to help people through online therapy. Whether in a video meeting (usually via doxy.me) or in a chat session, there are many mental health workers who can help you get to the bottom of what you’re feeling, or at least help you make a tiny bit of sense of the world around us today.

Spiritual digging: reading up

Lots of people are turning to mysticism, astrology, and other magic-based spiritual beliefs to find answers during this time. Pagan religions are finding a whole new foothold online. Finding spirituality outside of a church can be incredibly freeing and incredibly fulfilling. However, it’s important to do your research. The folks who genuinely want to help you don’t just want your money, they want you to attain your goals. You can read more about determining what organizations are truly looking out for your spiritual life when you click here.

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Dirt digging: gardening

One of the most popular pandemic projects that folks are engaging in from the comfort of their own homes is gardening. Modern gardening ensures that folks can enjoy gardening via indoor plants, planters on balconies or limited outdoor space, or in a spacious yard. Whether you love beautiful vines, delightful flowers, greenhouse herbs, or a full on vegetable garden, growing things yourself can both fulfill a practical and a spiritual role, especially during a time like this. So many people have been starting modern day “victory gardens.” If you’re looking to get yours off of the ground, then you can check out some terrific tips from the Sierra Club.

Home digging: renovation projects

If you’re really up for a challenge, a huge home renovation project might be in order. Whether you fix up a septic tank, reinforce your home’s foundation, or possibly even put in a pool, you might need some heavy equipment around your home. While renting enormous construction equipment or hiring a contractor, you will certainly find you’ll need some heavy-duty construction mats. Especially if you’re located in Canada, you’ll want to contact Northern Mats. They can assist you with durable crane mats and assist with the remainder of your projects. It’s always important to have a professional guide you, especially when you’re up for a huge new project in your own home.

Whenever you’re up for some digging, of any variety, you always want to consult experts. The results will be worth it, but you don’t want to hit a weird pipeline while digging, either figuratively or literally. You can look toward therapists, mystic scholars, high level gardeners, or professional construction companies for help. Just remember that it is always important to look for assistance before you start digging.

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Always striving for "The Best Life", Norman Ewing moved from Denver to San Francisco to achieve his goals. Self development, fitness, exploring our world, and reading are some of my passions toward achieving balance. You can reach me at [email protected].

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