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What Is The Best Life?

The Best Life Self Development

The Best Life is a blog that shows you how to conquer everyday fears to live the life that have always wanted. Community, Exploration, Fitness and Food, Self-development, and reading are some of what fall under The Best Life.

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Why Security Should be a Concern When Travelling to Thailand

When you think of traveling the world, you probably think of a relaxing time near the beaches of the Caribbean, in the middle of Seoul, or out in the middle of nowhere in the Sahara. Point is, you don’t think of the troubles that may arise during your trip. I had a friend who traveled to...

Online Slots: A Hobby Or An Addiction? 

Traditional hobbies are under threat because of the increasing popularity of the internet. Social media, online gaming and online gambling are taking over from regular hobbies. Spinning the slots at virtual casinos is growing in popularity and has become a major hobby that thousands of...

Unique Ways to Exercise Your Pup

  Has your dog been indulging in all of that homemade dog treat icing you have been making lately? We all love spoiling our pups, but we have to be mindful of their weight. When eating too many treats, your pup could be putting on some extra pounds, which is very unhealthy for your...

How to Beat the Casino

Fancy learning how to beat the casino like a pro gambler? Here are some of the best tips on how to win at slots casinos from those who have tasted success. Practice, practice, practice! Although practising may not mean perfect in the world of gambling, it certainly helps when playing...