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What Is The Best Life?

The Best Life Self Development

The Best Life is a blog that shows you how to conquer everyday fears to live the life that have always wanted. Community, Exploration, Fitness and Food, Self-development, and reading are some of what fall under The Best Life.

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The 3 Best Cities for Expats in Turkey

Whether you’re looking to retire in Turkey or simply moving there to get a change of pace in your professional life, there’s a Turkish city to fulfill your wish. Turkish cities are as beautiful as they are different. In this article, we’ll share with you 3 cities to live...

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The 8 Most Beautiful Must-See Sites in Ecuador

If you’re planning your next big trip, be sure to add Ecuador to your list. It’s absolutely beautiful and there are many natural sites that you can visit. Trek through some of nature’s most gorgeous attributes and simply enjoy the scenery and the culture around you. From stunning beaches...

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Designer & Modern Furniture Ideas & Trends

Across history, furniture of all kinds has evolved in shape, form, and materials, giving us fantastic options for the interior design of our homes and special rooms. From highly skilled woodwork craftsmen, making beautifully presented chairs, cabinets, and dining tables, through to the...


3 Changes You Can Make to Switch to a Healthier Lifestyle

  We all are familiar with the popular term “you only live once.” Yes, we do. But it is certainly on us how we want to spend it and make the right choices to enjoy this joyful and exciting ride without destroying the actual purpose of our living. There is no gift of God better than...

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How Does The RFC Form Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits?

Are you applying for Social Security disability for the first time? If so, it is crucial that you understand some of the key elements of the SSDI or SSI claims process. You will need to prove your disability status—and a document called an RFC form plays an important part in the process. ...

Upgrade Your Home Unforgettable Festive Season

How to Upgrade Your Home for an Unforgettable Festive Season

Each year all households plan to make the festive season one to remember, and each year, most households do things exactly the same as they the previous year. There is much to be said for sticking true to traditions, particularly where traditions as important as Christmas are concerned...

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Planning a Trip on the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada

Do you ever have that feeling that you need to get out and stay out for a while? You want to bask underneath the skies and feel the wind in your hair. You want to have that thrill in discovering new places, people, and things as you adventure outdoors. It is true that you may have already...

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Who Are The Best Esports Tournament Organisers In The World? 

‘Esports’ is the specific umbrella term used to describe the industry around playing video games professionally. Hundreds of organizations have begun to invest their financial resources into creating and sponsoring their pro teams and players over the years. Every significant...

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Online Slots: A Hobby Or An Addiction? 

Traditional hobbies are under threat because of the increasing popularity of the internet. Social media, online gaming, and online gambling are taking over from regular pursuits. Spinning the slots at virtual casinos is growing in popularity and has become a significant hobby that...