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What Is The Best Life?

The Best Life Self Development

The Best Life is a blog that shows you how to conquer everyday fears to live the life that have always wanted. Community, Exploration, Fitness and Food, Self-development, and reading are some of what fall under The Best Life.

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Card Games and Leadership Lessons

Card games are a great addition to life, at least in my opinion. I remember playing card games when I was in high school. That was the first time that I played them. It was a transition period in my life because I went from private school to public school. You know what that means...

Having Fun at Casino Events with Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about what it means to live a better life. After all, this is what everyone desires for themselves and others. But the problem is that we may become distracted and chase the wrong things for this wonderful life that we dream of every day. I have...

New Zealand is Great For a Variety of Reasons

  New Zealand is a fantastic country. It is one that many of us may not pay as much attention to because it is one that it is tucked away in the corner of the world. It is near the down under. But it is a beautiful place nonetheless with amazing people, cultures, and food from what...


One of the most common mistakes that the players make in a poker is the size of the bet, which is a key skill in Texas Hold’em. The ability to correctly size your bets so as to manipulate the gameplay, comes with the experience in playing poker. This mistake is no doubt, commonly made by...