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Japan – Top Travel Destination 

The borders of many countries have started to open slowly. The problems with the Covid crisis have been decreasing since the invention of different vaccines against the virus. The countries have, therefore, begun to ease the restrictions so it is generally easier to travel to various destinations. 

Japan is one of the most popular ones. In regular circumstances, the country often registered record visits. Japan, for example, received almost 40 million foreign visitors in 2019. The figure was similar in 2018, but it greatly decreased in 2020. That year, Japan had only a little more than 4 million visits during the period. It happened because of the Covid crisis. There are good chances 2021 will be significantly better, however, the data is still not available. The year has not passed yet so the information will be published at the beginning of the next year. You can visit visaexpress.com for more travel visa information for Japan

The Country Attracts Attention Because of Different Reasons

Japan attracts the attention of foreign visitors because of many reasons. The country is pretty open so many nationalities have a right to enter the territory even without tourist visas. Citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries are exempt from that requirement. They, therefore, only need a valid passport and a strong enough budget to cover the costs of the traveling. They can stay 90 days on Japanese territory without any limitations. They are not, however, allowed to work during that period, but they can freely move without any obstacles. 

Many countries, on the other hand, have pretty strict requirements when it comes to that aspect. You usually have to apply for a visa in an appropriate embassy and that’s often a time-consuming process. You will have to collect different documents and materials in order to get the visa. Such a procedure might take weeks and a bit of effort to be completed, while with Japan, you will have no such problem. 

The destination itself is, however, far better than many other locations. There are many amazing and unique locations so you can truly enjoy the adventure. Japan has quite an interesting culture as well. It is an old nation, and many traditions are based on Shinto and Buddhism. The architecture of many old buildings and monuments is totally different from anything you can see in Europe or the United States. That’s why it is certainly a valuable experience to visit some of these because you will experience something unique and unforgettable.  

You can find various attractive destinations in different parts of Japan. It is a populous country with approximately 127 million citizens. On the other hand, Japan is actually a group of islands, and its territory is not overly large, comparing the number of permanent residents. That’s why many people live in very large metropolises. Tokyo is, for example, the country’s capital city. Approximately, 10 million permanent residents live there. Tokyo is the main economic, cultural, and infrastructure center of entire Japan, and it also attracts the attention of many foreign travelers. 

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Business Tourism as Motive of Many Foreign Visitors

Various companies and brands have headquarters and offices in Tokyo so business tourism is one of the main reasons for visits of a large number of travelers. There are also great tourist locations in Tokyo. The Imperial Palace, Senso-ji Temple, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Skytree are just some of these. Japan is one of the top travel destinations in the world. Millions arrive in the country every year. 

Main Infrastructure Center

Tokyo is usually the first stop for most foreign travelers. As the main infrastructure center, the city is home to the largest international airports in the county. That means the tourists arrive in Tokyo first, and they can go elsewhere from that city. It is well connected with all Japanese regions, and that’s not the problem. 

Worth Visiting

Many great tourist attractions are outside Tokyo, and these definitely deserve attention. These might be exceptional natural wonders, amazing historic sites, or wonderful towns and cities. Japan is definitely a beautiful country, and you can notice that right away after your arrival. It is definitely a great reason for many to consider Japan for their next vacation. You might have slightly higher costs, compared to some other destinations, but it always pays off with remarkable tourist destinations of this type. 

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