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Why is Gaming Becoming a Mainstay Displacing Hollywood?

From simulation to multiplayer adventures, the world of video games have something for everyone. But the industry often gets overshadowed by the “real world”, which has its own entertainment to offer in the form of restaurants and movie theaters.

Given that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has closed those hangout spots for the foreseeable future, those looking for entertainment from the comfort of their own home are now seeing video games in an all new light.

Since video games can run on most PCs, laptops, tablets and phones, even those who once steered away from them are now actively downloading them. As a result, the absence of Hollywood titles from people’s lives has significantly carved a path for video games to fill that void. This has caused video games to enjoy a newfound popularity, which for the time being, even surpasses the conventional fascination with Hollywood.

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