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Dream Away Work; Vacation in Costa Rica or Dominican Republic

In order to keep calm people often take mental breaks, envisioning themselves on a remote beach free of emails, relieved of bumper to bumper traffic and out of the grips of their “to-do” list.

This is a wonderful way to escape; however, in order to truly experience bliss why not explore the world around you in Central America. If you really wanted to take a longer vacation plan on visiting the Dominican Republic as well! Don’t get me wrong, Costa Rica has a lot to offer but why not explore more in other countries too?  Schedule the babysitter, call in sick to work and book those destination flights on the Visa with low APRs.

Pack your luggage with all the things you don’t need-don’t forget you’re toothbrush though! Grab your passport out the junk drawer, smile at TSA and ride the turbulence to beautiful foreign territories that possess picturesque views often used as screensavers.  Immerse your feet in the white sand and watch the clear blue ocean perform a calming sequence of waves at the shore line.  Enjoy the gentle kisses of sunrays from the tropics.  Listen to the whispers of “me time,” stay engaged in the self-preservation that relaxing brings.  Ignore the text messages and inhale the moment of experience.  Exchange currency for a reminder of “I was here,” keepsakes that trigger reminising of that serene moment.

That dream that came true.  Live in great locations, engage the Spanish-speaking locals, smile and nod when their native tongue differs from yours.  Introduce your taste buds to new foods, grab a glass a wine,  or two, and dance to freedom.   Experience the tradition of their culture, their energy and passion.  Stay up past your bed time and connect with the peace of the island; introduce it to your soul.

Dare yourself to let your hair down, grab a surf board and face plant into a wave of the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.  Feel the ocean with all your senses; taste the satisfaction of taking a risk-of taking a break!  Do away with the itinerary, flow with the uncertainty of what’s next.  Give yourself permission to just be.  Lay on the sand in view of the star lit night.  Tuck your conservations and find the life in every encounter.  Listen to the seashells, observe nature through your SmartBuyGlasses and engage your carefree self.

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Dismiss the norms, put away the electronics and survey the miles of Costa Rica beauty.  Explore the sensation of being present in every moment that shapes the ultimate vacation.  Swim with the dolphins as the ocean withers through your toes; release the screams of enjoyment.  Let the scent of salt water tickle your nose.  Be the poster child for: Live, Love, Laugh. For some great villa options, check out Exceptional Villas.

Create once in a lifetime moments that you can hang in the office and share with Facebook friends.  Take note of the little things, the art in your hotel lobby, the smile that’s reflected when you examine yourself in the elevator mirror and carpet that brushes the sand off your feet.  Feel the enthusiasm of throwing caution to the wind; get lost in the clutch of pleasure, feel time stop on its heels to witness your liveliness.  Allow the potential of exploration to take over your desires.

Hurry, schedule the baby sitter, call in sick and book those destination flights NOW!

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Always striving for "The Best Life", Norman Ewing moved from Denver to San Francisco to achieve his goals. Self development, fitness, exploring our world, and reading are some of my passions toward achieving balance. You can reach me at [email protected].

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