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Different Types of CBD Products

This is another one in a long line of articles we have written on CBD. We think it’s a fascinating topic and frankly we can’t get enough of it.

In today’s article we want to bring to light the three main types of products using CBD currently available on the market. They have completely different presentations and different uses, and it’s good to be clear on which products provide which benefits. This can help you make your decision on what is right for you.

Topicals/Massage Oils

We’ve listed this first category as such because really most topical CBD products are in the form of CBD massage oils. However, it is true that some of them are presented as creams and such.

But usually, these products are designed to be used in deep tissue massages. The reasons for this is that the CBD in this case is meant to target pain and inflammation at the musculoskeletal level.

These products are usually available in various concentrations of CBD, as well as various concentrations of other common active ingredients in massage oils. These can include but aren’t limited to things such as camphor, menthol, eucalyptus oil, other fruit oils and/or essences, etc.

You want to use this type of product mainly for muscles, ligaments and tendons, also for various types of arthritis. It’s also great for rejuvenating the skin and for its anti-aging benefits. Finally, it’s super useful for inflammatory skin conditions such as ezcema, psoriasis, acne, and similar conditions.


The difference between a tincture and a concentrate is almost always the concentration of CBD in the product in question. Concentrates can and do contain many times more CBD per dose than tinctures.

Both tinctures and concentrates are sold as liquids that are taken sub-lingually. That is, you put one or more drops of the stuff under your tongue.

High-quality concentrates can be very expensive, but they can also be very effective at what they do! Having said that, most people will find that a decent quality tincture can more than do the required job for whatever their needs may be.

People usually take these preparations for things such as: improving sleep quality and duration, stress relief, and relaxation in general. The anti-inflammatory benefits, however, can often positively affect the whole body in many cases. This is probably the best “general” way to take CBD and get its anti-inflammatory benefits. Many people swear by this for digestive health, for example.


This is the third and final category. Honestly, this method of intake can still have great health benefits, and it should not be written off as some sort of a “party” thing, because it’s not that.

The effects of vaping CBD are very similar to those of a tincture, although you may require a higher dose to get the same effect.

People often chose to vape CBD over taking tinctures for one simple reason. They don’t like the taste of a tincture, and vapes have much better flavor. There can also be a convenience factor involved.


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