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Post-Pandemic Business Needs: How to Move Forward in Strange Times

The unique times that we’re living in make for unique needs for many clients. So many businesses are having to enhance their delivery services, worry more about shipping needs, and increase their web presence. If you’re looking for the best ways to service your clientele, whether you’re a shop owner or a consultant firm, there are some essentials you need.

Adequate office supplies

Papermate pens, sharpened Ticonderoga pencils, plenty of Post-Its, and bountiful binder clips of various sizes. Maybe it feels like your office has it all? Some of these office supplies are getting harder to come by, but lately you might need to cover some others bases. Do you have a postage printer? That can save you tons of time and countless trips to the post office. If you’ve got that piece in play, then the next step is investing in a great scale to ensure you’ve got proper postage on everything you’re shipping out. Johnson Scale & Balance Co. has got you covered. You can check out their inventory at https://www.johnsonscale.com/product-category/scales-balances/ and see which items work best for your businesses.

Increased cleaning & PPE

Let’s face it: the most important supplies you need to get your business back in shape are cleaning supplies. While Lysol wipes are out of stock almost everywhere and on way back order, now might be the time to start browsing on Amazon for something stronger. Believe it or not, the world’s biggest online retailer sells military grade cleaners. Not only is now a great time to start a strong sanitation routine, but it’s also a great time to clean up any existing stains or lingering issues in your workspace. Air purifiers are also all the rage, and with good reason. But most importantly, ensure your workplace has plenty of masks, especially if you’ve got less than ideal ventilation at your workplace. Branded masks representing your business are great. But sometimes, simple blue medical masks can help keep people safe, which should be your first priority.

SEO services

Every small business needs a boost on social media now and then, but as social media users are spending more and more time scrolling, it is a great time to increase your presence. The folks at Ignite Digital have some of the top SEO companies in Toronto or any other North American city, ready at your disposal. They can help you to most efficiently revamp your social media presence and drive more business to your company.

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Website refresh

Going hand in hand with an SEO reorganization is a great website revamp. There are so many professionals you can consult on this matter, and since there are so many people freelancing from home these days, you can barely click anywhere on the internet without finding a great website revitalization service. It’s worth it to bring your business up to the next level in spite of a slowing economy.

A tip jar

Tips are not just for your favorite baristas anymore. Any business, including the smallest of the small, can set up a tip jar on their newly revamped websites. Services like Ko-Fi or more direct options like linking a Venmo or CashApp account can really help to boost businesses. You might not want charity for your small business, but you should give your supporters a chance to tip you for outstanding services provided.

In this new bizarre reality, businesses need to have innovative solutions moving forward, both in house and online. But with smart budgeting and novel ideas, any business can get back in the game.

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