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Perks Your Small Business Employees Really Want

Maybe you’re at the start of your business journey now, even during this strange reality. Or maybe you want to reinvent the business you’re running in the wake of the pandemic and economic turndown. One surefire way to succeed is to invest in your employees. Increasing productivity is essential. More importantly, making your employees feel valued and appreciated for their contributions is essential to the success of any business, big or small.

Outstanding office coffee

If you’re going to take your office culture to the next level, the first thing you should invest in is a brand spanking new coffee maker. Go beyond just the Keurig culture, and give your employees options. Nespresso? Possibly. If you don’t have something top of the line in your budget, you could invest in the DeLonghi coffeemaker, a highly reliable brand available at most big box stores. A small fleet of Aeropress items could also make a big difference in the coffee culture of your office, with a huge variety of outcomes for a relatively small price. Great coffee can lead to great productivity, and fewer trips to a local cafe.

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Personalized water bottles

Surely every office spend money on bottled water every year. Plastic water cups are also a budget killer, not to mention terrible for sustainability. But we also know that hydration is the initial key to health and happiness. Hasn’t everyone experience the dehydration headache after hours of staring at a screen? Why not treat your employees to an eco friendly water bottle — one of the Luxe varieties? Chic reusable water bottles help contribute to overall health of employees as well as sustainable office culture. Great water bottles in different colors can contribute to a sense of ownership and a distinct personality. It’s a small gesture, but one that will surely be appreciated by your employees.

Best in the industry laser machines

If you are in the business of branding a variety of items, you need the best in the business when it comes to laser engraving. In that sense, the standard laser systems from Laser Marketing Technologies are what you’re looking for. They’ve got desktop systems as well as freestanding operators that you can use for all of your engraving needs. You can check out https://lasermarktech.com/products-category/standard-laser-systems to find out more and browse through some of the most powerful systems in the industry.

Great desk chairs

For anyone who sits at a desk to work, how you sit and how you feel is essential. Any work environment, home or office, involves a lot less movement and a lot more sitting these days. Why not give your employees a glow up in their desk chairs? You might not be able to swing a Herman Miller Aeron Chair for everyone in your office. However, just buying a bevvy of new, well reviewed, durable and comfortable chairs can make a big difference in morale.

While it might seem like a tough time to invest in anything as you’re struggling to hold your bottom line steady, it’s also important to contribute to office morale. Already suffering workers can turn things around if they feel they are valued. Although new chairs or bottles won’t solve all of your problems, they will help make the work day more pleasant.

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