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Card Games and Leadership Lessons

Card games are a great addition to life, at least in my opinion. I remember playing card games when I was in high school. That was the first time that I played them. It was a transition period in my life because I went from private school to public school. You know what that means. Different sets of people and varied backgrounds plus trying to fit in as everything is new and fresh. There’s a lot of uncertainty.

I remember that people would bring out card games when there were lulls in gym class or half days. My friends and acquaintances would use the dead time at school to play these games in complete freedom. Now, mind you, we didn’t know much about the world or these different games, we just played to the extent that we knew. We didn’t have resources like hurspelarman.se or fantastic directories or archives that we have today.

It was a different world—a much different one than the present world today.

School, Card Games, and Leadership

I do recall that those were the best times in school because the teachers would be there looking up every now and then and wouldn’t mind at all. The teachers appreciated the break and didn’t care if we kept to ourselves, bet with fake money, and had a little orderly fun.

Those were my first experiences with card games. Now, I know much more and still like to hang out with friends and play these card games.

They’ve helped me to grow as a person as I learned a few things through playing games like poker.

Remember that I didn’t know anything about it before I started playing it in high school, but it taught me a lot about life and how to live. The first lesson I’ve learned was about risk and reward.

Of course, the concept of risk and reward is one of the most important aspects of life. It has always been that way since the dawn of time.

Do you venture out right now to forage for food, or will you get eaten by a mountain lion? Do you invest in stocks right now or wait a little further to buy at the right time. In life, you have to play the game. You must either call, raise, or fold.

Fold too many times, and you set yourself back a by a lot because you’ve still got to pay the piper with the blinds each day. That leads me to my next lesson.

You have to pay to play. We don’t recognize this concept as children because many of us have loving parents that will purchase the items that we want for us. We don’t understand the sacrifices early on. I’m grateful now that I’ve learned many lessons from these games, and I’ve been able to apply them to my life. These lessons helped me to become a leader in my community, and hopefully, you can learn the same.

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Norman Ewing

Always striving for "The Best Life", Norman Ewing moved from Denver to San Francisco to achieve his goals. Self development, fitness, exploring our world, and reading are some of my passions toward achieving balance. You can reach me at [email protected].

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