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Hobbies You Can Practice at Home

Many of us are now working from home as a given, and are likely to do so for the foreseeable future. We’ve even taken it upon ourselves to set ourselves up properly with a home office space. Maybe we’ve even bought a pull-up bar and some sandbags and have gone deep into the home gym routine.

Unfortunately, a lot of our leisure time is also spent at home as well these days. But when life gives you lemons, you can turn that around and do some seriously awesome projects that will make your home that much more comfortable and fun to pass time in.

Here are four quick ideas to get you started and get those creative juices flowing. Feel free to comment your own ideas in the comment section below as well, as always.

Build a Home Sauna

This sounds like a daunting project, but it actually almost couldn’t be simpler.

You are probably thinking of a full-on sauna with hot rocks or big clunky expensive electric heater that will run up your utility bills like nuts. This is old technology, though. These days, you can build a sauna with nothing more than a few strong infrared lamps.

The wood paneling is optional, but does help diffuse the heat nicely. You can even build world panels out of cedar or something similar to hang on your bathroom walls, making the whole setup modular and portable, which is great for those of us who are renting etc.

Build a Micro Bar or Pub

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This is a little more involved than the sauna project, but doesn’t have to be a back-breaker either. Check out this hilarious video of a man in northern England (he wants us to know that clearly) who was up in running in a matter of days, with a proper tap for draught beer and everything!

You can do this in a bit of your basement, an old shed, even a study or spare bedroom.

This can be as simple or as complex as you want, really. Get some SunPan dining chairs, a few lamps, a nice little bit of carpet. and maybe a re-purposed little table, and you’re off to the races.

Take Up Archery in your Back Yard

If you have the space for it, this is a brilliant hobby to take up. You can put up a nice robust straw target and get the bow of your choice. Stock up on arrows or crossbow bolts. Slingshots are also super germane here. Have fun with it.

The side benefits of taking up backyard archery is that people are much less likely to enter your property illegally as well.

Produce Some Serious Home Cooked Meals

We personally have gone nuts with the home chef thing in the past few months, and can vouch for the mental health benefits of such. We’ve tried delectable plates from literally all over the world, including one dish from Egypt called koshari which takes three hours to make and requires six pots. This one is especially great if you are living with multiple people. There’s nothing like the look of joy on everybody’s faces as they chow down on your yummy cuisine.

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Norman Ewing

Always striving for "The Best Life", Norman Ewing moved from Denver to San Francisco to achieve his goals. Self development, fitness, exploring our world, and reading are some of my passions toward achieving balance. You can reach me at [email protected].

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