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Choosing the Best Wall Art for your Bathroom

The bathroom is an essential space in every home. So, why not transform this area into your little oasis by adding some canvas or framed prints. These arts can wake up your bathroom walls.

You don’t have to spend a lot when looking for the best wall art. Sometimes, you only need to be creative and let your imagination take over.

How to Select the Best Wall Art for your Bathroom

Here are some of the things that you can do to choose wall art for your bathroom. These steps will transform a once purely functional space into an area you look forward to spending time. Perhaps, a bubble bath and champagne anyone?

Choose the right theme or style.

Wall art belongs in any room in the house. When you hang artwork or a photo, it adds a sense of thoughtfulness and interest to your walls.

The key to achieving it is complementing any space with the theme and style of the room. If you have a modern bathroom, consider adding some abstract canvas prints, black and white frames, or scenic shots.

If your bathroom is more on the rustic or farmhouse style, adding some canvasses of nature, vibrant colors, and pictures of horses will help. You can check out rustic western horse traders sign for some inspirations.

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Choose a décor that can handle the heat.

Keep in mind that your bathroom art should be able to handle the heat. It needs to withstand daily moisture and humidity.

Choose canvas prints that are water, fade, and warp-resistant. They should be durable in all environments, including the bathroom. You can also consider using a frame since the glass will protect your wall art.

Adding some vibrant colors

Light or white walls can make your bathroom look clean and tidy. However, they can also make your area feel too bright or too dull. When your toilet is feeling a little bland, you don’t need to redesign or repaint your whole bathroom completely.

You can simply hang a wonderfully colored canvas print or frame to add the right amount of vibrancy and color to your bathroom.

Adding pattern and texture

If you want something bold, yet you’re not ready for that textured wall, adding some canvas and frames will help. They are an easy way to add layers, patterns, and depth to your walls.

Choosing where to hang the canvas

Where to hang your wall art will depend on the size of the bathroom and available walls. When you have a stand-alone bathtub, you can use the wall above it to create a focal point with your art.

You can also hang your favorite canvas behind the mirror since you can enjoy a glimpse of your beautiful bathroom art in the rearview as you prepare to take a shower or wash your hands.

Choosing multiple prints

Multiple prints are interestingly beautiful to the eye. They are an easy way to level up your decoration and helps to cover that empty space when you don’t have a large print.

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