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Reengaging Your Senses with What Else? Coffee!

Senses dulled from pandemic news overload? Feeling like you need to awaken your subconscious? Having wild dreams and intrusive thoughts? Have you ever imagined that possibly coffee makes you focus more? Maybe while we’re still all suffering through this pandemic, you can switch up your personal coffee habits.

You might not always feel productive after a huge amount of caffeine, but during long days that tend to run together, a boost in the afternoon can go a long way. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll find that merely the smell of coffee helps to refocus your brain. Don’t laugh! There’s research that indicates this, as well!

If you’re interested in what goes into sensory research, there are lots of organizations that you can check out to learn more. One that comes highly recommended is ACCE International. This organization studies consumer-product interaction. On their website, you can also pose a question to experts in the field, to assist in your own product research.

And whatever needs you have for your at home coffee making, Anthony’s Espresso can help you out with that. Be sure to browse https://anthonysespresso.com/Coffee to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Whipped Dalgona Coffee

It’s been all over social media. The whipped coffee trend has been one of the biggest of worldwide quarantine time. The positive about Dalgona coffee include not needing a specific machine. Whipped coffee can also be made out of instant coffee grinds, which is possibly what made it so popular during quarantine times. Many coffee connoisseurs have said that the trendy beverage is more work than it’s worth, so take that into consideration as well.

Aeropress Coffee

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If you’re a fan of French press but looking for something even easier, Aeropress might be the best way to go for you. While it works similarly to a French press device, an Aeropress machine has greater versatility. You can make iced variations of your favorite drink for a cool down on a hot day with an Aeropress, making it worth the cost alone.

Pourover Coffee

For the coffee lover who can be patient if there’s a big payoff, the pourover coffee is a great idea. And it’s not just for fancy coffee shops anymore. This method might require the most supplies and take by far the longest, but once you’ve got the process down, it’s worth it. Just think – no more eight dollar coffees in your local shop.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Want to get ahead of the latest Instagram trend? Start perfecting your Vietnamese iced coffee recipe. It is suggested that you use a chicory or genuine Vietnamese coffee for best results. Also awesome about Vietnamese iced coffee? It is made with sweetened condensed milk, which is a pantry staple and can be stored for months at a time, meaning you never have to worry about cream having spoiled. Get yourself a Vietnamese coffee press as well, and you’re an expert.

As the months get hotter and the days get longer, everyone needs a boost in the afternoon. Gather your materials, sharpen your skills, and prepare your coffee beans so that you avoid that afternoon slump.

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Norman Ewing

Always striving for "The Best Life", Norman Ewing moved from Denver to San Francisco to achieve his goals. Self development, fitness, exploring our world, and reading are some of my passions toward achieving balance. You can reach me at [email protected].

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