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Online vs Land-Based Slots Promotions 

Online slots and land based slots may be incredibly similar but they both end up offering players a completely different experience. Whilst online slots are much more accessible than land based slots, they do not manage to offer the same unique experience. The promotions that both slots use also differ greatly – join and win free spins.

Online Slot Promotions 

Online slot promotions are often much more varied than land based slot promotions due to the format in which they appear to players. Online slot promotions can award players many different prizes, for example a player can be offered free spins, free money and even cash backs! As online slots are competing with other online casinos in an attempt to entice players to their site, there will often be incredibly lucrative sign up and loyalty promotions given to players, something which is not as common in land based promotions. The most popular sign up bonus which is offered to players is the no deposit promotion, this essentially lets the player experience an online casino for absolutely free. Online slot promotions are limited however, often players will only be able to use these lucrative offers on certain games. These games will often have a lower RTP. 

Land Based Slot Promotions 

Land based slot promotions are similar to online slot promotions, however there are a few key differences which players need to be aware of. 

  1. Unlike online slot promotions, land slot promotions have the added benefit of offering players the chance to enjoy some other activities. For example, a popular promotion is offering players free drinks for the whole night.
  2. Land slot promotions are often much more focussed on promoting the casinos social side, they encourage players to socialise and meet new people. One of the biggest advantages that land casinos have over their online counterparts is the atmosphere they offer.
  3. Often, land based slot promotions will focus on offering rewards which help to reduce the players expenses.As people usually travel to an land based casino, they will have additional expenses that they wouldn’t have incurred if they used an online casino instead. 

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Which is better? 

Online slot promotions and land based slot promotions both offer players their own advantages and disadvantages. There are many things that players need to consider. 

  •     A big difference between the two is that land based slot promotions will require much more time and money from the players as they will have to travel down to their local casino in order to use them, however online slot promotions will be available to players from the comfort of their own home.
  •     If you are not bothered about the social aspect of slot gaming, then there is no reason you shouldn’t be using online slot promotions. Not only are many of these promotions lucrative but there are also increasing improvements being made to the immersiveness of the gameplay.


Land based slot promotions encourage a player to socialise a lot more than online slot promotions. They also offer deals on things outside of the slot game such as drinks and parking, whilst online slot promotions are fully focused on the game.

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