Why Your Inner Kid Can Help You Lose Weight


Quick question: When you bring your child or grandchild to the playground, what do you do while he is swinging, running, climbing and sliding? a. I’m taking it easy, probably sitting on a nearby bench, sneaking in a few games of Flappy Bird while watching him play. b. I’m swinging, [...] Read more »

5 Healthy Easter and Passover Dishes


Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, we have a delicious holiday dish for you. Enjoy! Lamb with Minty Fig Relish Chocolate Cake Fingers Hard Boiled Egg and Bacon Salad Roasted Asparagus with Herbs and Lemon Potato Latke   Pin It Read more »

3 Better-for-You Energy Bars


I lean on energy bars only on occasion—when traveling or if I’m hungry before the gym. I consider them snacks, not dessert, and look for types as close to “real” food as possible. That means no added vitamins, little added sweetener, and small ingredient lists, just like the three in [...] Read more »