Links We Love – 7.25.14


Check out some our favorite health and fitness links this week: Washington Post: Organic Food Costs More Than Conventional Food. Is It Worth the Extra Money? Shape magazine: 530 Fatties Facebook Page Makes Fun of Obese People and Is Absolutely Terrible The Stir: 11 Wacky Ways to Stay Cool in [...] Read more »

Could Lack Of Sleep Be Making You Old?


You may already know that a lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain because it interferes with hormones that control appetite. And you most definitely know that skimping on sleep makes you feel cranky, distracted and foggy. But did you know that it could also be aging you prematurely? [...] Read more »

10 Foods That Taste Better Frozen


By Brandi Koskie for  The dog days of summer are here and there isn’t much you can do to escape it. Rather than ride out the heat standing in front of your freezer, put something in the freezer to enjoy later and move on with the seasonal memory-making. One [...] Read more »

Fight Heart Disease With…Your Toothbrush?


From a winning smile to a reduced risk of heart disease and possibly stroke, there are lots of reasons to brush and floss. And now, Reach has come out with a new toothbrush they claim will not only brush your teeth, but also remove plaque, even from between teeth. Five diligent toothbrushers [...] Read more »