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      Hi Donna,
      There is a place to keep your private journal. If you go to My Best Life and under that heading you will see Journal Entry .
      Good Luck on your journey!

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    I am starting my new life today. I will need lots of help because I have tried lots of other things in the past and have lost weight but gained it back plus more. I am morbidly obese and a prime candidate for a stroke or heart attack. I want to feel better and be able to play with my grandkids. Any help is appreciated.

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      I’ve been off and on The Best Life since 2008. This is one of the best programs for long term weight loss. You are doing the right thing Lyla. Remember that if you can stick to it most days, you will benefit. I’ve lost 40-50 pounds (depending on the day/time of year) and I have kept it off. This, from one who has fluctuated all of her life. I’m 50 years old and did my first triathlon 2 years ago. Now I’m training for a 1/2 Ironman! I’m back to the best life because I’d like to take off about 15 more pounds for this race. Before 2 years ago, I had never run….never! Well that was unless I was being chased. Lyla, you got this! just commit and get the job done. When you have good days, recognize those. When you have bad days, own those. But, always get back on the horse All the best in your weight loss. I won’t say good luck, because it’s not about luck. It’s about being present with your goals. every day and executing your plan, every day.

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      Like DianeInMontana, I used the Best Life plan and lost 90 pounds back in 2007. I have kept most of the weight off. I am 58 years old and back on Best Life menus. In the month of January, by following the food plans and moving more, I lost 8.7 pounds. This food plan works for me. I am writing to encourage you to put the key elements into play, the things that you know hep you to succeed. Try to let go of any thoughts that get in your way of feeling better. Keep focusing on what you want, I applaud you for wanting to feel better, I love my grandchildren too. Wishing you strength and determination.

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