Links We Love – 4.25.14


Think you’re safe from the flu? Think waiting on line is a waste of time? Think again! Find out why in the links below. Real Simple: 5 Recipes Fresh from the Farmers’ Market Huffington Post: The Hidden Joy of Waiting in Line Fit Sugar: Want to Run Faster? Here’s How [...] Read more »

Think Outside the Box: 7 Benefits of Turning off the Tube


How many hours do you spend watching TV daily? If you’re like the average American, you log five hours or more in front of the tube a day. That’s almost a quarter of the day! In fact, TV watching is the third most common activity behind work and sleep. If [...] Read more »

Hit Me With Your Best Shot: 7 Vaccines You May Need


Lately, it seems, people can’t stop talking about vaccines. Small pockets of measles, whooping cough, and other vaccine-preventable diseases have erupted in recent months, putting parents who opt out of vaccinating their children under fire for placing public health at risk. But kids aren’t the only ones who need vaccines. [...] Read more »

How Earth-Friendly Is Your Diet?


Think back to last night’s dinner—how environmentally friendly was it? You may have no idea; most of us don’t. In honor of Earth Day, let’s become a little more aware of the effect that salad, meat, chicken or other foods have on our planet. In general, animal foods (beef, chicken, [...] Read more »