5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Worth

I just received a valuable lesson on self-worth from a surprising source: My accountant. It wasn’t intentional—she was simply talking about savings, interest and expenses as she went through my neatly organized documents. I just happened to find deeper meaning in her words.

Her advice: Don’t spend more than you have.
My interpretation:
Good boundaries are imperative—never give more help or attention than you are willing to receive.

Her advice: Budget. Know where your money is going.
My interpretation:
Be mindful of how you spend your time. Always have the basics—like sleep, exercise and rest—”budgeted” for, and prioritize whatever else is important to you, like travel, self-improvement, socializing or a day at the spa.

Her advice: Allocate and diversify your assets.
My interpretation:
Don’t base all your self-worth on one person, skill or quality. If this “stock” performs poorly, you’re broke. A better option: Diversify your relationships, skills and qualities.

Her advice: Don’t be afraid to make changes. If a stock no longer performs well or you decide to become more or less aggressive, you can sell and invest in a different stock.
My interpretation: Embrace change. Be open to learning from your life and allow yourself to let go of “old ways” when they no longer serve you.

Her advice: Don’t worry about dips and losses. They’re totally normal.
My interpretation:
You do not lose value every time you fail, stumble or make a mistake. It’s not about perfection—it’s about overall performance over time.

As you survive tax season and look toward next year, consider investing in your self-worth—not just your net worth. What investment would you like to make in your self-worth?

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