3 Apps for Mood Tracking

Last year I hit a particularly rough patch where I felt like I couldn’t get a grip on my emotions, eating and stress levels. If you were to ask me how I was doing, I would say “Fine!” or “Busy!” and go on. On a given day, I had no idea if I was happy or sad—I couldn’t even remember what had happened that day. Every evening, I self-medicated the day away with buttery popcorn, ice cream, hot chocolate, wine, or sometimes all four.  I was definitely not living my best life (or even a mostly OK life).

My professional psychologist husband does a great job of not counseling me, but on a day of semi-lucidity, I asked him if he had some counselor tricks that could help me live my life more intentionally.  He suggested mood tracking.

The technophile in me immediately sat up and took notice. I wondered if there was an app for that.  Lo and behold, there were more than 20.

My favorites in no particular order are:

1. Moody Me — This app was developed by MedHelp.org.
What I like about it:
The cute icons and the ability to take and attach pictures to different moods.

2. Track & Share Pro  — This app is awesome because of the ability to customize what you want to track—perfect for the Circle of Life homework we all need to do.
What I like about it:
The graphs and side-by-side comparisons. Currently, I track Feelings, Hunger, Sleep, Weather, Stress Level, Money Issues, Work Load, and Weight.

3. Mood Barometer —  This app shows moods from people around the world.  The updates are simple and Twitter-like.
What I like about it:
It’s social for the extrovert in me.

So what have I learned since I began tracking my moods? I discovered that when I have headaches, I lose all sense of perspective and willpower. I also learned that when I don’t sleep enough during the week, I get headaches and yell at my kids and husband more. Tracking my mood taught me to recognize money problems, certain red wines, and lack of sleep as major triggers—and that when I’m happy, I can get a lot done and have a lot less stress.

What do you think your mood tracking will reveal?

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