Why Weight Loss Should Be Fun

Ask anyone to describe the process of eating healthfully and exercising in one word, and you’ll get answers like hard, deprivation, effort, drudgery. What you’re not likely to hear are words like fun, enjoyable and exciting.

I find this unfortunate—living your best life can and should bring you joy. For instance, eating healthfully can be an adventure—trying new recipes, discovering that you love new or different foods and filling your body with foods that nurture and nourish your body is exciting. (Besides, there are so many other great things to do with your time instead of indulging in sweets or emotional eating. Click here for a printable exercise to help you remember non-food sources of fun.) Likewise, fitness can be fun. Taking a Zumba class with friends, going on a hike or even playing in the pool with the kids is a great way to spend your time.

Fortunately, looking on the bright side simply requires a shift in thinking. Instead of feeling like you’re eating healthfully and exercising to punish or deprive yourself, tell yourself that you’re doing these things because you deserve it, because they improve your quality of life and because they enable you to live your life to the fullest. Indeed, many Best Life members have said that getting in shape allowed them to take that vacation, try a new adventure, get off the sidelines and become an active participant in life.

Looking at the benefits and taking pleasure out of the process not only helps make it less painful, but it increases the likelihood that you’ll stick with your best life for the long-term. You’ll certainly enjoy the result: A more fulfilled life!

How has living your best life enabled you to have more fun?

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