When the Going Gets Tough…

Sometimes, walking the walk of my best life feels more like navigating a complex tightrope than simply cutting out six problem foods and trying to raise my activity level. Yes, I have a special knack for complicating things.

A big part of my journey thus far has been recalibrating my own ideas of success and failure. See, as an all-or-nothing perfectionist, black-and-white thinking has always been my friend. Success is nothing less than perfection, while failure is everything else. It will come as no surprise that this mentality is exactly counter to the Best Life philosophy of moderation and repetition of tiny steps that, taken as a whole, add up to something huge.

As I stumble, falter and otherwise weave my way on and off this path, I’m stunned at my creativity and perseverance. Here are a few of my favorite strategies for when things get rough:

• Take a nap. Exhaustion is the enemy of success, and recharging can change my entire perspective.

• Drink a glass of water. It cuts the hunger and gives me a chance to pause.

• Talk about it. Holding in my emotional frustration means I eat every feeling. I try to pick up the phone, get on Facebook or drop a friend a quick email when I’m inundated.

• Go on a media fast. When I get inundated with images of “perfect” people going about their “perfect” lives, I get mad…and then I eat. Taking a break from airbrushed faces and advertisements usually helps.

• Be brave. Daily life is full of pitfalls and potential slips—and sometimes it takes some good, old-fashioned courage to persevere. Reminding myself can make all the difference.

How about you? What’s your list of coping mechanisms when the going gets tough?

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