Eat It Anyway: 5 Holiday Treats Worth a Splurge

By Brandi Koskie for

There’s plenty of noise right now about how to SURVIVE the holiday season and not fall prey to the calories of the season. Who’s championing the part where we actually get to enjoy it? We’ll step up. That will be us!

Sure, we regularly preach about eating in moderation, getting more fresh veggies, and reducing fatty junk food consumption. But we’re also realists, and we know that even the best and most controlled eaters amongst us have a vice. I know renowned television dietitians who get the biggest, baddest chocolate lover’s dream dessert after dinner on their birthday. In other words, no one can be perfect all the time, and if you can’t indulge just a little this time of year, when can you?

Here are a few ways we splurge without apology or guilt.

Champagne! Pop the bubbles because we’d like a sip. Maybe not the whole bottle, but one glass isn’t going to undo anything. One five-ounce glass has about 96 calories. We are pretty partial to this Cranberry Mimosa.

Nuts! This is a common corporate gift, so when the little boxes start showing up, we get to enjoy the fruits, if you will, of our labor. We prefer the unsalted variety, knowing that a handful of these guys can give us a solid protein boost and we won’t be clamoring for the sugar cookies that also arrived.

Chocolate! Maybe some of those nuts were dipped in chocolate. OK, we’ll have a couple. It’s hard to avoid chocolate this time of year, so we don’t. We’re most grateful when it’s dark chocolate, not only does it taste better, but it’s actually better for us. And we eat it slowly, enjoy it, and then after a couple of bites, you really don’t feel like you even want more than that.

Cheese Trays! We skip right over the usual cheddar suspects. If we’re going to fill up a buffet plate with cheese, please make it really high-quality, flavorful choices like brie, havarti, or even a great goat cheese. A few bites with a nice apple or great cracker can be all you need.

Dark Meat! A debate seemingly as old as the tradition of serving turkey is one that needs to be settled once and for all. If you like dark meat—eat it. If you like white meat—eat it. The nutritional difference is so negligible that you might as well enjoy the one you like best … without needing to drown it in a heap of gravy.

Enjoy these other holiday recipes that let you splurge and not think twice about it!

Pomegranate Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark

Healthier Spinach and Artichoke Dip


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