At-Home Strength Training

During Michael Scholtz’s April 24th Webcast, titled Strength Training 101, he talked members through a series of exercises that can be done from the comfort of your own home. With each of these exercises, he focused on a different variable, including resistance, form, and duration. Print out this summary to help you get started building muscle, and looking and feeling good!

• Begin standing with feet shoulder width apart.
• Reach back with your hips and buttocks as if you are going to sit in a chair and simultaneously bend your knees and lean your torso slightly forward, keeping your chin up.
• Lower to approximately 90 degree bend at the knee.
• Return to start and repeat.
• Muscles worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, hips, lower back
Easier: Wall squat with stability ball or wall “sit”
Harder: Add weight or one leg squat

Begin in stride stance, with one leg forward, keeping back leg slightly bent with heel up.
Bend front leg to approximately 90 degrees at the knee, lowering back knee toward the floor.
Return to start and repeat.
Repeat on other side.
Muscles worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals, hips, lower back
Easier: Step ups
Harder: Walking lunges

Modified push up (for chest press)
• Start in pushup position with knees on the floor and body straight from knees to shoulders.
• Place hands about 6 to 12 inches wider than shoulder width.
•Lower chest until elbows are bent approximately 90 degrees.
• Return to start and repeat.
• Muscles worked: chest, anterior shoulder, triceps
Easier: Wall push up
Harder: Full push up

Prone shoulder press (for shoulder press)
• Begin with upper arms straight out to sides at shoulder level and elbows bent 90 degrees as above, with forearms flat on floor.
• Lift arms from the floor, keeping forearms parallel to floor.
• Press arms forward like doing an overhead press in a face down position.
• Return to start in reverse order of movements and repeat.Z
• Muscles worked: shoulders, triceps, upper back.
Easier: Slide arms along floor
Harder: One arm shoulder press from push up position

Prone cobra (for butterfly)
• Begin face down on the floor, with arms by sides, reaching toward hips with palms down.
• Pull abdomen toward spine to anchor core.
• Retract shoulder blades and lift arms from the floor.
• Return to start and repeat.
• Muscles worked: upper back, lower back, posterior shoulder
Easier: Seated cobra
Harder: Prone cobra with back extension

Seated Isometric Pec Squeeze (for dumbbell fly)
• Begin seated in a chair, feet flat on the floor in front of you, arms bent 90 degrees at shoulder and elbow, and forearms pressed together directly in front of the center of your chest.
• Pull arms out to sides, keeping 90 degree bend at shoulder and elbow and forearms vertical.
• Open until arms are even with shoulders at your sides.
• Return to start and repeat.
• Muscles worked: chest, anterior shoulder
Easier: Not available
Harder: Seated isometric pec squeeze with arms extended

Cabinet Curl (for bicep curl)
• Begin standing in front of a cabinet and open a drawer that is about hip level and that you can grip underhand.
• Hold underneath the upper edge of the drawer with both hands with an underhand grip. Make sure you can safely support your own body weight during this exercise.
• Step close to the cabinet with both feet (the closer you start, the harder the exercise).
• Bend one leg and hold the foot just off the floor behind you for safety and balance. Keep the front leg straight but not locked.
• Lower your body backward until your arms are fully extended.
• “Curl” your body toward the drawer using your biceps and stop when the tension lets off.
• Return to start and repeat.
• Muscles worked: biceps
Easier: Kitchen curl (soup cans to gallons of milk)
Harder: One arm cabinet curl

Chair Dips (for triceps extension)
• Begin seated on bench with your hands on the edge of the bench beside you, palms down, and legs extended in front of you.
• Slide off bench, holding yourself up with your arms.
• Lower your body until your elbows are bent 60 – 90 degrees.
• Return to start and repeat.
• Muscles worked: triceps
Easier: Chair dips with bent legs
Harder: Chair dips with one leg on floor