3 Steps for Creating Your Own Online Community

Thank you tech gods for inventing cell phones, computers and YouTube. Thank you for email and Facebook. I need the likes, the pictures, the encouragement.

In fact, my days have become a series of texts, email, calls and likes from friends near and far joining in on my journey of exercising six days a week and eating really healthfully. They ask how I am doing, am I sticking with the plan, if I need a running buddy.

I’d like to take a moment to express my supreme gratitude for everything tech that provides the encouragement and accountability I so desperately need to keep moving forward.

Want to build your own online community? Try these three steps:

1. Ask a few trusted friends to participate. I have three to seven friends in my group at any given time. You may need more or less than this, so experiment to see what works best for you.

2. Commit to regular communication. I commit to sharing my food log with one person every night. I work out with one of my friends once a week, and I post all my sweat sessions on Facebook. I talk to one friend for 30 minutes or so each week to catch up on my goals and struggles, and she helps me realign for the next week.

3. Choose the best form of communication for each friend. As you can see, I rely on various methods: I email my food log, I use Facebook for my exercise log, I pick up the phone for support, I text to arrange my workout. Choose the method that works for you and your circle.

If you have a solid online community, how are they supporting you?

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